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dr clovis manley-vein specialist

Mark Wilson

"My legs were always real heavy and tired. I would work all night and come home, my calves were swollen. I never could wear shorts. I never even wanted to show anybody my legs, now I want to show people."


"My legs feel better, they're stronger, and the thing I like most is I'm going to be able to wear shorts again. I have not worn shorts in 15 years!"

Donna Kline

Mount Carmel, Il

At the end of the day, I would have burning sensation down the front of my legs and they were extremely tired. In doing the procedures, it was just a minor little stick here and there with a little discomfort.  It was well worth it, because since then the burning sensation is gone and my legs are not tired and I am able to walk; in fact, I walk several miles a week. I am on my feet a lot and they are much more comfortable now. 

dr clovis manley-vein specialist
dr clovis manley-vein specialist

Anna Gray

Evansville, IN

"Besides my veins looking bad and bulging, I also had chronic issues with my leg falling asleep. I would constantly stretch my leg or try to get he blood flowing. Going through the procedure wasn't bad at all. I felt fine. I was able to walk around a lot and just get right back into my normal workday schedule. Even though I took the day off for my appointment.  I really didn't miss any work other than the initial day. Since the procedure, it's been a dramatic difference. I haven't had issues with my legs falling asleep at all, and they feel and look better. I am wearing shorts now, so I'm not quite as embarrassed like I was before. It has been a huge difference. 


Evansville, IN

Terry came to ERVC with chronic swelling in his right leg and his entire right leg was larger than his left leg.  We did a laser procedure / microphlebectomy and some ultrasound - guided foam sclerotherapy. This got his leg down to almost normal size. 

"Last weekend I walked 18 holes of golf Saturday and 18 holes of golf Sunday. There is no way I could have done that before the procedure, that I guarantee you" 

dr clovis manley-vein specialist
dr clovis manley-vein specialist

Gary Chandler

I was a little apprehensive to stat treatment, knowing what my mom went through back in the 60's. Now there is no recovery time now and you can go right back to work.


Compared to the pain that I had before I had it done, I would say its a LOT, LOT better! Dr. Manley and his staff are very good and professional. 

Moni Mitchell

My insurance covered everything. It's been wonderful!  I worked many hours on my feet and I would have tired, achy, restless legs by the end of the day. Treatments were very pleasant. The whole staff informed me of everything that was going to happen before and after. Everything went very smoothly. Healing went well and the outcome was terrific. 

dr clovis manley-vein specialist
dr clovis manley-vein specialist

Cathy Jefferson

Newburgh, IN

After the birth of my second daughter, I noticed that my legs were heavy and tired and I just thought that was pretty normal, That went on for years and years, and at the end of the day, I would be tired, my legs would be heavy, and I just thought that's the way it had to be. I found Dr. Manley and I came in to be treatd and I saw that I had vein disease, which I didn't know really what that was. Dr. Manley explained to me and told me that it is possible to have that treated. It's been a year now and I have an excellent result. I don't have any achiness, I don't have that tiredness in my legs, and I have a lot more energy at the end of the day. 

The procedures was pretty simple. It was well exlained to me. I learned a lot and I feel confident that if I have anything in the future, I would be able to have it taken care of. 

George Meyers

Newburgh, IN

First of all, Dr. Manley explained everything so well. I never understood about the valves and veins. When treatment came I was amazed. I have had this done twice before using an older method and this new method is just great. I hardly knew they were doing anything most of the time.


I used to have pain in my legs, especially when I would drive for long periods or stand for a long time. Since the treatment the pain is gone. I have not noticed anything in a long time. I just enjoy getting out and doing things pain free, the way it is now.


Everyone has been so friendly. The young ladies that come in and do the vein mapping, they are nice to talk to and they explain what they are doing. They do not do anything suddenly to make you think you are going to be hurt or injured. It is just a good experience.

dr clovis manley-vein specialist

Nancy Seib

Newburgh, IN

I am a high school teacher and I have had problems with leg heaviness, leg swelling, and leg cramps for years. After receiving services from a competitor's vein center about ten years ago, I recently decided to consult with Dr. Manley at Deja Vu Skin and Vein Center. I read that Dr. Manley was the area's only board certified phlebologist.


Dr. Manley and his staff carefully examined my legs and devised a detailed plan to treat my varicose veins. My insurance company did not want to cover the EVLT procedures, but Dr. Manley appealed the decision for me and I was able to receive the procedures.


My plan of treatment is just about completed. Not only do my legs feel better, but they also look better! I have been so impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Manley and his staff. Dr. Manley is so knowledgeable, patient, caring, and I appreciate his sense of humor. The ladies who assisted Dr. Manley made every effort to see that I was comfortable during all of the procedures and that all of my questions were answered. It was so obvious that I was receiving treatment from an office where the doctor and his staff had great rapport and performed as a team to meet my medical needs.


I highly recommend Dr. Manley and Deja Vu for the expert treatment of varicose veins. My one regret is that I didn't seek treatment from Deja Vu much sooner!

Alan Todd

Madisonville, KY

My experience at Dr. Manley’s office was excellent. Everyone on the staff was very professional and everything was done is a timely manner.


During the procedures I was made to feel comfortable and I am very happy with the service. Before my treatments my legs were painful and swollen and I had some large bulging veins that were very apparent.


After the treatments the pain faded away, the bulging veins are gone and I have no symptoms at all. The staff is very receptive. They make you feel at home and welcome. They answer any questions that you might have and make you feel at ease.


I would definitely recommend Dr. Manley to anyone with varicose vein problems.

Katie Sterett

Owensboro, KY

I have had EVLT, phlebectomies, and sclerotherapy on two different occasions. I have been very pleased both times and have recommended several others from Owensboro to the Center.


Dr. Manley is a very intelligent, friendly and well-researched doctor. He always remained calm and positive. His nurses and ultrasound technicians were equally friendly and helpful. The ladies who scheduled were always very considerate of my drive from Owensboro and that I had small children at home to plan around.


I have referred a friend who was equally pleased with his experience at the Center. My varicose veins during pregnancy were almost intolerable at times. I wore compression hose the entire time and long after the delivery. I felt that I needed the surgery done after baby 3 even though I knew I wanted another baby in the future.


My results after baby 3 were great but another pregnancy found new veins to aggravate. I had no doubts to go back to Dr. Manley again for the same treatment. I knew the routine and knew I would get the results I wanted. I had a lot of pain in my legs during pregnancy and it continued as a fatigue after the delivery. My legs feel brand new now!


I realize my genetic disposition may lead me back to Dr. Manley but I know that maintenance is a part of the process.

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