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I have worn shorts all of my life.  I have never had any problems with my legs until I developed varicose veins in my left leg.  Upon the advice of my orthopedic surgeon, I came to see Dr. Manley.  After a few very simple procedures, I can now wear shorts and I am no longer ashamed of my legs. I could not be happier.

Pamela Guthrie

Evansville, IN

I first came here a couple of years ago, I hesitated at first for the treatment because I have needle phobia. I actually waited a year and by that time my leg cramps had gotten so bad that not only were they cramping at night, if I sat for any length at all during the day, then there was more cramping even during the day. It became unbearable. Plus, if I had any physical work that I needed to do, I had to get it done by noon because my legs were hurting so bad by noon that I would have to lay down and elevate them, especially if I was going to be doing something that night. I would have to elevate my legs all afternoon before I could do anything at night. Since the treatment is over, the leg cramping has stopped completely. I do not have leg cramps at night or during the day. Now I can go through a hard physical day all day without having to stop and elevate my legs. The pain is gone. The aching is gone. It is just good for me overall; not just my legs, but I do not have to be sedentary in the afternoon anymore which has improved my overall health.

Nancy Heim

Chandler, IN

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Coral Laflen

Chandler, IN

My legs have bothered me my whole life and prior to a hip replacement, my orthopedic doctor recommended that I have my veins looked at because of my leg pain and he recommended Dr. Manley.  In fact, he said that the only person he wanted me to see was Dr. Manley.  The procedure was pretty simple.  They took a bunch of pictures and ultrasounds of my veins and then I would have some injections in my legs which were really not too painful.  I came for two laser treatments and probably about four vein injections and the final process was ultrasounds and pictures.  I was pain free from the second visit.  I cannot believe that I have lived my whole life, and I am 64-years-old, with all of this pain. If you have any leg pain, I would come see Dr. Manley.

What were your symptoms like before you came?  First of all, I had some bulges in my legs.  They weren’t horrible, but I felt a lot of pain while traveling in vehicles, standing, fatigue, couldn’t travel very far without a considerable amount of pain.

How did you hear about us?  You are actually all over the Internet, but a friend of mine also had a procedure done and her husband works with us. 


What were the treatments like?  Of course, I believe everybody is probably very nervous and scared, as was I, at the thought of vein removal, but it was virtually pain-free.  Everything was made very easy when I was in here.  Afterwards, still no pain.  My comfort level was just like I hadn’t had it at all.

Would you recommend us to anybody?  I would recommend you to friends, family, to anyone.  If anybody has any questions or concerns about this procedure, you are more than welcome to give them my phone number

Amanda Oller

Boonville, IN

Velba and Brad McManomy

Evansville, IN

My right leg started having some pain during my pregnancy 30 years ago.  In my occupation, I wore high heels most every day which didn’t help.  I was treated may years ago, but, obviously, the technology is so much better now.  I now garden as my hobby and spend a lot of time standing.  The last few years, I have noticed my right leg swelling where all the larger veins were and swelling at the ankles, which is very painful.  I had to elevate my legs each day in order to receive some comfort.


I highly recommend Dr. Manley for the expert advice about the treatment needed for varicose veins.  Dr. Manley and his employees have been great in explaining to my husband and I what steps would be taken to help my leg issues.  He and his employees examined my legs and came up with the best plan of treatment and told us what to expect.


When the procedures were being done, I was made to feel comfortable and I am very impressed with the service provided.  After the treatment, I was instructed on how to care for my legs by walking 30 minutes each day and wear my special hosiery for the first 48 hours.  Then for the next 2 weeks, I would wear the hosiery each day.  I followed the instruction and my leg felt much better after just a couple of treatments. 


Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and answered all our questions.  The lades that do the vein mapping really make you feel comfortable and at ease.  The staff is so professional and they make you feel right at home in their place of business.


I definitely would recommend Dr. Manley at Evansville Regional Vein Center, and my only regret is that I waited so long to have this done.

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