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Jennifer-RN, Nursing Supervisor


Jennifer graduated from Ivy Tech Community College--Evansville with an Associate of Science in Nursing (RN) in 2000.


Worked on the Medical/Surgical unit at St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville 1999- 2005.


She joined Dr. Manley in October 2004.


Her continuing education specific to the study of vein disease includes:


2005-National Procedures Institute-Visual Sclerotherapy, Las Vegas, NV

2005-American College of Phlebology 19th Annual Congress, Los Angeles, CA

2006-Morrison Vein Institute, Phoenix, AZ

2006-American College of Phlebology 20th Annual Congress, Jacksonville, FL

2007-American College of Phlebology 21st Annual Congress, Tucson, AZ

2008-American College of Phlebology 22nd Annual Congress, Marco Island, FL

2011-American College of Phlebology 25th Annual Congress, Los Angeles, CA

2014-American College of Phlebology 28th Annual Congress, Phoenix, AZ

2014-5th Venous Symposium, New York, NY

2015-International Vein Congress, Miami, FL

2015-American College of Phlebology 29th Annual Congress, Orlando, FL

2016-American College of Phlebology 30th Annual Congress, Anaheim, CA

2016-Medi Advanced Training, Evansville, IN


When asked: What aspect of working at the Evansville Regional Vein Center do you find the most rewarding?


Jenn responded: “The aspect of my job that I find most rewarding is when patients return with smiles on their faces and to hear how thankful they are that we have helped improve their lives due to the advanced treatments that we offer.”

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