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Jolana – Billing Specialist


Jolana began her career with Dr. Manley in September of 2002. From her original position as a receptionist, Jolana showed an aptitude and interest in medical billing and assumed that role full time after 5 years as a key member of the front desk team. She is now our Billing Specialist, and plays an integral role in guiding both our staff and our patients through the ever-changing insurance industry. Jolana is always available to interpret the provisions of a specific policy and makes a diligent effort to ensure that our patients have a complete understanding of how their coverage will apply to the treatment they receive at ERVC.


When asked: What aspect of working at the Evansville Regional Vein Center do you find the most rewarding?


Jolana responded: “I feel very rewarded when I get a denied claim processed and paid that otherwise would have caused the patient to pay more out of pocket, or when I help patients understand their insurance policies better!”

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