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Julie – RN


Julie graduated from Wabash Valley College with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (RN) in 2002.  


Worked at St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville 2001-2006


Joined Dr. Manley in 2006


Her continuing education specific to the study of vein disease includes:


2007-National Procedures Institute--Visual Sclerotherapy, Chicago, IL

2007-American College of Phlebology 21st Annual Congress, Tucson, AZ

2009-American College of Phlebology 23rd Annual Congress, Palm Springs, CA

2011-Vein Gogh Training--Dr. Ronald Bush, MD, Dayton, OH

2012-American College of Phlebology 26th Annual Congress, Hollywood, FL

2014-Annual American College of Phlebology, Phoenix, AZ

2014-5th Venous Symposium, New York, NY

2015-International Vein Congress, Miami, FL

2017-Annual American College of Phlebology, Austin, TX


When asked: What aspect of working at the Evansville Regional Vein Center do you find the most rewarding?


Julie responded: “The level of training that we have received allows me to respond to our patient's questions and concerns with confidence. I am so rewarded when we are able to improve their quality of life through our efforts.”

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