Melody – Administrative Assistant


Melody brings a rich and diverse skill set to her position as Administrative Assistant at Evansville Regional Vein Center. Experienced in the fields of Customer Service, Family Practice, Mental Health, and Property Management, she has demonstrated the knowledge and flexibility this position demands.  


Earned a Bachelor of General Studies, with emphasis in Business Management from the University of Southern Indiana.

Earned an Associate of Applied Science in Office Administration from Ivy Tech in Evansville.

Certified by the State of Indiana to perform therapeutic massages.


Joined Dr. Manley in October 2006.


When asked: What aspect of working at the Evansville Regional Vein Center do you find the most rewarding?


Melody responded: “The most rewarding aspect of my position is being part of a team that is focused on the quality of our patients’ care - administratively to clinically. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by a positive workforce, each person focused on a positive patient outcome. This is my kind of team - Go Team!”