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Understanding Vein Disease & Learning About Vein Disease Treatment

From a Preferred Vascular Surgeon in Newburgh & Evansville, IN

Vein disease is a very common disorder affecting tens of millions of Americans, both male and female. Throughout the last century patients with varicose veins were told to “just live with it” because the treatment, “vein stripping,” was risky, expensive, and often just made things worse.


Thankfully, the treatment of vein disease has progressed dramatically in the last 15 years. Today, even the most complicated patients can be safely and effectively treated in the modern vein center with little or no downtime. Treatments are office-based and there are no surgery center fees and no need for general anesthesia. A true revolution in medicine has changed everything for millions of patients.


Vein disease is a serious problem that can cause leg pain, tiredness, heaviness, itching, burning, numbness, and/or restless leg syndrome. Untreated, it can eventually lead to blood clots in the legs or venous ulcers on the ankles. It should not be ignored.


Please take a few minutes to learn about vein disease.


Clovis E. Manley, MD

Evansville Regional Vein Center

Diagram of a healthy leg with healthy valves versus one with varicose veins

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