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Vulvar Varicose Veins


Ten percent of pregnant women develop varicose veins in the vulvar area. The majority of women who develop them do so in the second pregnancy and the risk increases with each subsequent pregnancy.


These veins can cause pain, burning, itching and painful intercourse. Most patients will see these veins disappear within a month after delivery. In some women, however, these veins persist after delivery and the symptoms continue. Often these painful veins are very small and easily overlooked on examination.


Treatment of vulvar varicose and spider veins during pregnancy is limited to the use of compression. A special device called a V2 Supporter is available at Evansville Regional Vein Center to help in applying compression to this area. Affected patients should also wear compression hose as discussed under “Veins and pregnancy.”


Treatment in non-pregnant patients is very simple using visual sclerotherapy. This procedure is the same technique that we use for visual spider veins on the legs and is safe and effective. Patients with vulvar varicose veins should have a complete ultrasound study of the legs to look for underlying vein problems.


Our well-trained registered nurses perform these procedures.


Clovis E. Manley, MD

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