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Welcome to the Evansville Regional Vein Center

Welcome to the new website for the Evansville Regional Vein Center. We have been in operation since 2006, but you have never heard of us. That’s because until this year we have operated under the name of Déjà Vu Skin & Vein Center. Déjà Vu opened its doors in 2002 focusing on advanced skincare including the use of lasers and intense pulsed light, among other new procedures and products. Included in the services that Déjà Vu initially offered was sclerotherapy for the treatment of “spider veins” on the legs. Around 2003, I became interested of the revolution taking place in the outpatient treatment of serious venous disease.

Over the next few years I studied all of the journal articles I could find, attended numerous national meetings and visited the clinics of two of the leaders in the field to learn about these new treatments. In 2006, we had all of the equipment, staff and training to open a complete vein care center.

Our vein services grew steadily until they accounted for over half of the business at Déjà Vu. It also became obvious after a while that we needed to do something about the name. Déjà Vu was conceived when we were primarily a skincare clinic and the name does not adequately convey the serious and complex vein treatments that we perform.

To address this issue, we have divided the business into two parts to make it easier for the public and referring physicians to understand what we do. We will continue to do business as (dba) Déjà Vu Skin & Vein Center for skincare and cosmetic sclerotherapy and we will now also do business as (dba) the Evansville Regional Vein Center for the treatment of medical venous disease.

Thank you for visiting our new website.

Clovis E. Manley, MD

Evansville Regional Vein Center

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