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Thank you Lionfish

We want to thank Sarah Fortune and Lionfish Advertising Group for the outstanding work they did to create the new logo and to design and build the new website for Evansville Regional Vein Center. We think Sarah and her team did a terrific job and we are very proud of our new site.

Sarah has used her experience in television broadcasting, advertising and social media to create a complete advertising company. In addition to website development and logo design, Lionfish provides media buys, radio and TV commercial production, graphic design, photography, social media promotion, SEO, signage design and marketing campaigns, among other work.

We look forward to continuing to work with Sarah as we develop a new Déjà Vu Skin & Vein Center website in the near future. Sarah will also continue to advise us on our overall marketing strategy and help us keep our website fresh and informative.

Thanks for a job well done, Sarah!

Go to to learn more about Sarah and Lionfish.

Clovis Manley, MD

Evansville Regional Vein Center

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