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T.E.D. hose are intended for patients confined to bed.

Anti-Embolism Hose (T.E.D. Hose)

Anti-emboli compression garments are designed to prevent deep vein blood clots (DVT) in patients having surgery or who are immobilized in the hospital. They are sometimes referred to as "T.E.D. hose," standing for ThromboEmbolism Deterrent hose. It is important to understand that T.E.D. hose are not meant for ambulatory patients and the term should not be applied to prescription graduated compression hose. 

T.E.D. hose were shown as early as the 1970s in clinical trials to reduce the incidence of DVT in surgical and hospitalized patients. Today, patients can be even better protected in these situations by the combination of T.E.D. hose and clot-preventing medication. 

T.E.D. hose provide 15-21 mmHg of pressure at the ankle. The hose are fitted to each patient and, when properly fitted, provide a gradient of gradually less pressure up the leg to the thigh to assist venous return. Patients unable to wear thigh-high hose may be fitted with knee-high T.E.D. hose.

Medical professionals are keenly aware of the high risk of DVT in hospitalized or surgical patients. Every inpatient today is evaluated for their risk of DVT and preventive measures are taken, if appropriate. If you or a loved one is hospitalized for any reason ask your nurse or doctor if you need DVT prophylaxis. 


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