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dr clovis manley-vein specialist

Shawn Nix

Mt. Vernon, IN

Prior to my procedure, I had a burning sensation and was itching in the thigh area. I also experienced occasional heat sensations and unsightly bulging veins, plus restless leg syndrome at night. I was not anticipating the detail of the outcome from the procedure that it has transpired!


Currently, I do not have bulging veins nor I am experiencing a burning sensation, and the itching has gone away. It is normal in appearance, like it should be. I am very pleased with the results that Dr. Manley has achieved with my leg.


The staff was extremely friendly and very personable. They catered to all of my needs and were a joy to work with. I have referred everyone I have talked to and even explained my procedure to some of the folks I work with that knew my situation. I have told everyone, if they have any kind of symptoms, they need to come and see Dr. Manley!

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As a nurse with Dr. Manley, I was well aware of the signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency. So after my third pregnancy and with a strong family history of vein disease, I knew the aching in my legs and itching at the site of the bulging veins needed to be evaluated. My legs were especially restless and uncomfortable in the evenings after working all day.


I started with a duplex ultrasound vein mapping that showed reflux in one of my accessory great saphenous veins and one of my small saphenous veins. It also showed many tributary veins that needed to be injected. My first treatments were EVLTs to treat the saphenous veins followed by ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. I finished the treatment plan with visual sclerotherapy to take care of the spider veins.


Being the patient instead of the nurse was a weird feeling but I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Manley and the rest of our staff. I was still informed of everything taking place.


I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Manley and our staff that my legs are pain free and it makes me proud to work at such a great and caring place.

Krissie Michel, RN

Fort Branch, IN

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Fred Denton

Evansville, IN

Before treatments, my legs felt heavy. I thought it was just due to age but found out it was due to the veins not properly working.


I wanted my legs to feel better and Dr. Manley told me they would. He was right; they feel 100% better!


The staff has always been very professional, very courteous and very kind.


The first opportunity that someone says something about their legs hurting, Evansville Regional Vein Center will be the first place I think of.

I was somewhat miserable for several years until I learned about Dr. Manley and Evansville Regional Vein Center. I didn't know where to turn until someone told me about Dr. Manley.


I had problems with itching, swelling, tiredness and heaviness in my legs and I even started to get ulcers that were very painful. Dr. Manley has helped me get through all of it and ever since, I have had no problems!


I tell other people about Evansville Regional Vein Center and how gentle Dr. Manley is and how the staff is kind and always makes me feel at home.


My legs are absolutely feeling much better! I can work the eight hours that I work. Plus, being not quite 60 years old, I am not ashamed if I want to go swimming with my grandchildren. I now wear capris and never used to wear them before. I am happy!

Pat Wilder

Owensville, IN

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