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Kim Roosevelt

Albion, IL

Before having any treatments, I had a lot of problems with my legs. I had trouble when I would get up in the morning. I work in a factory on concrete for the duration of while I am at work and by the end of the day my legs were swollen and painful. When I would try to sleep at night, they were twitching, restless and heavy. They felt like they were just about to bust all the time. It was miserable.


Most of these symptoms are gone and I am getting along much better and so far so good. I jokingly tell them at work that I have bought myself ten more years of work because I could not have kept on working the way that I was before I started getting the treatments. There was just no way.


Evansville Regional Vein Center is the only doctor place that I have ever wanted to go to. I look forward to going. It has been great; the girls have been great! They are helpful. They have given me tips on what to do, like putting on my hose and what to do to take care of myself better. They are friendly. It has just been a good experience all around.


I have referred people to EVRC. As a matter of fact, a lady was just in and her legs were good but had other stuff done. A family member is also getting ready to come down. I do my best!

I was having a lot of pain in my right leg. It felt like a nerve and was very painful. My leg also felt heavy. When I came to Evansville Regional Vein Center, I was looking to just get rid of the pain. That was all I really was looking for. Dr. Manley was able to take care of that for me.


My veins weren't noticeable before because it was deep inside, so appearance-wise, it doesn't look much different. However, I have no pain, so this is really good!


The staff is wonderful! I really enjoy working with them. They are funny and we have a lot fun. Plus, they are very professional


I have referred several people to ERVC that I work with and I would absolutely refer anybody. The staff does a great job and they really take care of their patients.

Keith VonHor

Evansville, IN

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Jana Dodson

Evansville, IN

I think the services are wonderful. It is something I wish I would have done years before I ever did because the results are so good and I had leg pain for so long. I would encourage anyone to take care of it sooner than later; do not let your veins keep getting worse. I put up with bulging vein pain for years. I do not have this anymore. It has been a good thing for me.


Before seeking treatment, I felt like my legs were really heavy and they hurt. The only way to get relief a lot of times would be to lie down and prop my legs up on a chair, just because they hurt so bad. When I come home from work, I did not feel like doing anything. That was my worst complaint, the tiredness and heaviness of my legs.


The treatments weren't bad at all. I never dreaded coming and getting them. Now, I do not have any more of the pressure in my legs, the heaviness or where I felt like I couldn't function because my legs hurt so bad; that is all gone.


The staff is all very nice and Dr. Manley is wonderful. The young ladies that work with him are all very personable and nice.

I was having tired legs and swelling of the legs. I even had some bulging veins that I did not like the way they looked.


I had some pretty high expectations going into the procedures. My mom actually had come to Evansville Regional Vein Center and she really had great results so I have seen her process and I was really hoping that Dr. Manley was going to be able to do a really good job on my legs.


My legs are definitely better. They do not feel tired anymore and I feel more energetic. There is no more swelling and they look better too.


Everyone is so friendly and nice at ERVC. They make you feel right at home and very comfortable. They are very re-assuring.


I tell people about Evansville Regional Vein Center all the time. I tell the people at my work that they should go see Dr. Manley.

Kasandra Eckels

Evansville, IN

Kathi Pride

I teach and I am on my feet most of the day. I was experiencing very tired and fatigued legs and restless legs at night time. I was just hoping that I could get some relief from that.


I wanted my legs to not be so tired at night so that I would feel like getting up and exercising, or doing something when I got home instead of sitting down on the couch.


Now, my legs are starting to feel much better! I have started walking a little but after school instead of laying down when I get home and I have enjoyed swimming some this summer. I hope to become more active as my legs continue to heal.


The staff at Evansville Regional Vein Center is great and so much fun. I just love every one of them to death! I would refer anyone here and I already have.

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