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Phyllis Sprinkle

I heard about Evansville Regional Vein Center through my physician. I had a lot of bulging veins and my legs were tired, heavy and worn out. It would take me longer to accomplish stuff.


My legs feel very good now. It seems like I am doing more than I used to. I have a lot of compliments from different people that they look better. I know that they do look better, but that was not the main reason I had come in. The main reason was they were really bothering me. 


The procedures were a little painful but it never lasted very long. Just a little prick every now and then, but other than that, there was not anything.


Everyone at ERVC has been great, they really have. They have been very friendly and very considerate. Dr. Manley, himself, is very nice and does a wonderful job. I was never afraid to come in and have anything done. I was always comfortable. I would definitely refer other people, and as a matter of fact, I have referred my sister.

I was a hair dresser for forty years and stood on my legs for forty hours. I had bulging and protruding veins that caused a lot of pain in my legs.


I heard about Evansville Regional Vein Center through a lady I go to church with. She was very satisfied with what she done here and recommended that I come.


I was amazed with the treatment and originally thought it would be a lot more painful than what it was. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. It has been wonderful.


Now there is no more throbbing in my legs and no more night pain - I can sleep!


I love everyone at Evansville Regional Vein Center. They have all been so wonderful to me. It's like they just rolled out the red carpet for me! They are fantastic.


I have already referred many patients here and have started handing out pamphlets.

Mary Jo Mooreland

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Georgie Murphy

Newburgh, IN

I am active and was on my legs a lot and standing. By the end of the night, they would ache on the inside and throb. It felt like my bones were aching, like headaches all up and down my legs.


I had originally come in to have my spider veins taken care of and had a vein mapping done which showed I was having reflux. So, it turned into a little bit deeper of a problem than what I thought, but it turned out for the good. I thought the achiness I was experiencing was normal because I was getting older, but it was not.


Now my legs feel great! I can stand on them all day and not have a problem at all. Everyone here at Evansville Regional Vein Center is very friendly and very nice. They all smile and act like they have known me forever. It is a very comfortable place to walk into.


I would refer others here and have already sent a couple.

I heard about Evansville Regional Vein Center from a very good friend, which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.


I had bulging veins in the top part of my leg and they started to go down to my ankles. Plus, I had some spider veins that were coming off of them. I was always very embarrassed to wear shorts or a dress. I am no longer embarrassed to show my legs after having the procedures done.


In addition to the bulging veins, I was also experiencing a lot of pain that was even going up into my hip. My job required me to drive a lot and I got to the point where I could hardly sit in the vehicle for long periods of time. So, I would have to stop, get out and walk around for a while.


My legs are now fine and I no longer have pain. I can go on a long trip without stopping every ten to fifteen minutes to get out and walk around. It has been great!


Everyone was very nice to work with at ERVC and I would recommend anyone there.

Lisa Robbins

Vincennes, IN

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