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Carolyn Cochren

I heard about Evansville Regional Vein Center from an advertisement on television and knew I needed to contact them.


I had a bulging vein on the right leg and was experiencing leg aches. It made me feel very self-conscious about wearing shorts when I played golf.


I went through the treatments and they were not painful. I was expecting something much different when the varicose vein was removed and was surprised how simple  was.


Now my leg is fine. As a matter of fact, I think I commented one time that I did not realize my legs ached as much as they really did before the treatments. I guess I was use to the pain but now I can tell a difference.


Dr. Manley and the staff were very good and very friendly. They were always asking if I was comfortable and doing okay. If I knew of anyone that was having symptoms of vein disease, I most certainly would recommend to them ERVC.

I am a teacher and have to stand a lot. My legs felt heavy by the afternoon and I didn't like the way they looked. A friend of mine has been a patient of Evansville Regional Vein Center and she referred me here.


The treatments were not too bad. I left without having to take any medicine and I could drive myself home.


My legs do not feel nearly as heavy or tired now. I cannot say that they ever really hurt, it was just a heaviness feeling by night time and I do not have that feeling very often now. I am very happy with the treatments and happy that the outside of my legs look better as well.


The staff was very nice and they informed me of what they were doing. I felt comfortable going through the treatments. I have actually told two people that they should come to ERVC!

Heather Oxley

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Chris Cox

Within an hour or two after being up, my legs felt like I had been up all day long. When four o'clock came around I was ready to be on the couch and be done. Of course, running a home and having a job that was not the right way to feel. I went to a doctor and they suggested I try Evansville Regional Vein Center and it was the best thing that I have ever done.


I am feeling better every day. I do exactly what Dr. Manley suggests and I think that as long as I continue to do what I am asked, then it is going to be very successful.


There are not enough words to describe my experience at Evansville Regional Vein Center. Wonderful. Wonderful. I come here and feel like I am one of them. I am very, very happy!


I absolutely would refer anyone to ERVC!

Prior to receiving treatments, I had some bulging veins and heaviness in my legs. I was also experiencing tiredness in them.


Now that I am finished with the vein treatments, my symptoms are completely gone! My legs feel lighter and much better. They are not heavy at all.


My experience at Evansville Regional Vein Center has been excellent and I am happy to refer anyone here!

Dee Niedhammer

Jane Steinkamp

If I stood for long periods of time or if I did any type of activity, I would start to have a little bit of pain in my calf and my legs would ache.


I was a teacher and then stayed home with my children after that, so I was constantly on my feet. I did notice, especially if I had to stand on a hard surface for a while, my calf would start to ache.


After receiving treatments, all of my symptoms are gone.


Everyone at Evansville Regional Vein Center is very professional. I would definitely recommend anyone to come here.

The symptoms I had prior to treatments were enlarged and swollen ankles along with several bulging veins. The bugling veins were the primary indication that I thought I would have Dr. Manley take a look to see if there needed to be some corrective action taken.


I have completed my treatments and all of my symptoms are gone. I am very pleased with my experience and the results.


The staff was very professional and met any expectations that I had.


I certainly would recommend anyone coming to see Dr. Manley at Evansville Regional Vein Center.

Tom Koetting

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