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Gayla "Susie" Straw

I heard about Evansville Regional Vein Center through advertisements and my doctor’s referral. I was experiencing heat, mainly behind the bend of my knee. I also had bulging veins and aching in that area.



After having my consultation with Dr. Manley, I received laser and injection treatments. They were not painful at all. Actually, I was scared, but it was nothing. I would do it all over again and I wish I would have done this years ago.



After my treatments, my legs feel a lot better. I am happier. I was self-conscious of wearing shorts out in public, but now things have changed. I feel so much better about myself. It is like a mental boost as well.



I would absolutely recommend anyone to Evansville Regional Vein Center. The staff was very friendly; extremely friendly. They were very easy to talk to. I actually enjoyed coming in to see them and talk with them, kind of like my girl time.


I heard advertisements for a long time, but it was a friend of mine who had treatments at Evansville Regional Center that explained what would happen and really inspired me to come because she said that my legs would not only look better, but they would feel better.


I had varicose veins that really showed up during my second pregnancy. It was not until about twelve years later that I had a superficial blood clot that traveled across one of my shins that I decided to go into compression stockings by my doctor's suggestion. I wore them for about eleven or twelve years and still had significant tiredness in my legs, a bulging vein on one ankle and a collection of unsightly veins in my leg. I thought that it was just time to get something done.


I went through four different treatments at Evansville Regional Vein Center based on the ultrasound that was done initially to assess my problem. Each involved injections. I have to say they were not all that painful. That is a question people have asked me. It took time, I will say that. You have to map out your schedule, but it is very feasible and the office was willing to work with me. The treatments were worth all of the trouble.


My legs feel so much less heavy than they used to. I think over time, we forget how good our legs did feel because of the progression of the vein disease. For me, it was a slow progression and now that I can go without compression stockings all day and feel good, is a huge thing for me.


Another motivation for me was just having been with my elderly mom. She was in her eighties at the time that she had her first ulceration at the ankle and then subsequently had a second ulceration all due to varicose vein disease. Previous to that, actually when she was in her early seventies, she had deep vein thrombosis and I just knew that if I could avoid having either of those issues with my legs, vein treatment would be worth it to me. After having these treatments, I think the likelihood of experiencing what she had is pretty slim and that is a big payoff.


Something else I think many people may be surprised to find out is that once assessed, most insurance plans will cover this because this is not just a cosmetic procedure, it is a medical procedure. Years ago, this was not the case, but it is now. This was a great incentive for me to come ahead and get this finished at this stage in my life.

Sharon McFadden

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Melinda Young

Bridgeport, IL

Prior to receiving treatment, I was experiencing swelling in my ankle with discoloration. I also had some heaviness and pain throughout my left leg and some in my right.


My left leg had more discoloration with protruding veins than the right leg and I also had some spider veins.


During treatment, there was some discomfort with the actual procedures involving needles; however, the staff always tried to make it as comfortable as possible for me. They were very relaxed and I never felt uncomfortable.


All of the staff at Evansville Regional Vein Center was very professional and very, very friendly. I enjoyed all of my visits.


I am doing very well after completing my treatments. The swelling has dissipated and so has the discoloration. My legs are not as heavy. Visually, I am very pleased with how they have turned out. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Manley to anyone who asked.



Marilyn Dressel

Before receiving treatment, I experienced tiredness, pain and discomfort in both legs.


Since I've had my treatment at ERVC, my legs do not hurt at all. I am a nurse and work twelve hour shifts and this has made a big difference.


At first, I was leery about having this done because I heard that it was unpleasant. There was some pain involved, but with every time that I came in to have something done, it was explained to me beforehand and I knew exactly what to expect. It was a great experience.


Everyone at Evansville Regional Vein Center has been wonderful. They have all been so nice. Every time I came in for a treatment, the made me feel very at ease and relaxed.


I would most definitely recommend anyone to Dr. Manley and I already have.

Cecil Poag

My legs just kept aching and twitching, along with some burning, at night when I would prop my feet up to try to kick back and relax. I would always have to jump up and walk to make that go away. It was very irritating. I experienced this for about ten years.


I did have a bulging vein on my left leg, and that is what prompted me to come to Evansville Regional Vein Center. I didn’t know what it was; I thought it was just muscles.


The process of being evaluated was pretty simple. Dr. Manley explained the veins and how they work. I also received an ultrasound of the veins. It was very simple and straight forward.


The treatments did hurt a little bit, some sticks every now and then, but nothing like I expected at all.


Now, six months later, my legs are fine. I do not have the twitches and burns, and I can sit at the end of the day and prop my feet up to rest. I am very happy.


I would recommend the services performed at Evansville Regional Vein Center. And I already have!


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