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Phil Schneider 

Evansville, IN

I will admit that at first, I was kind of leery about getting vein treatment done. After I went through the procedures, my legs feel so much better. I was not into it for the looks of the legs as much as my legs feeling better and they really do feel better after the treatments Dr. Manley did. 


The treatments were not painful at all. I was worried about them being painful, and I was really surprised that the pain was not bad at all. It was actually very little if any at all. He did a really nice job. So far I am doing really well.


I have told different friends that they need to get their veins taken care. You don't realize they are the problem and the reason why your legs hurt until you have the procedures done. I should have done this a long time ago!

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I was having leg difficulty, and when I went in for an annual checkup with my medical doctor, she suggested that I come to Evansville Regional Vein Center. I had restless legs at night; they were tired and achy. I was having tenderness and numbness when I walked and just a little burning sensation, so I wanted to see what could be done to help that.


The atmosphere at ERVC was great! The staff is just wonderful. They were very pleasant, and they walked me through everything that they were doing, including what they were looking for on the ultrasound. It was an excellent, excellent opportunity to come here and see what could be done.


The treatments were not painful to me at all. They were just like a stick, and I got through the treatments just fine. Now, my legs feel wonderful. I noticed a great change in walking. I used to get a burning sensation and numbness and now just very little after the first treatment. With sleeping at night, knock on wood, I have not had any restless legs at all. It is just amazing; it was an amazing treatment. I was very impressed with the whole process and I am anxious to see what the second round is going to do.

Lynn Russell

 Newburgh, IN

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 I previously had vein surgery about six years ago in another state and I started to have problems again here recently while in Indiana. 


I was referred to Dr. Manley's office by a friend. The staff and Dr. Manley have done a wonderful job! The vein that I was having issues with is gone. The pain is gone. I am just so very impressed with what they have done for me, and I am very thankful!

Barbara Taylor

Having been an avid runner, I noticed that my legs were very painful and seemed to burn a lot during my running. It got to the point where the pain, especially at night, became too much for me to handle. My husband had noticed a lot of my veins starting to kind of stick out on the skin so he suggested that I go ahead and make an appointment to at least have a consultation to see if there was anything we could do about it.


The process was very simple and I was quite pleased with how easy it was for me to come in and talk to the nurses and get a feel for what we needed to do.


I will be honest, the treatments were a little difficult. I was nervous, and yes, it did hurt, but in the end, I am thrilled to death that I did this.


My legs fee wonderful now! The superficial veins are so much better than they were. I am back to my running again and I have no problem whatsoever with my legs. I do not have any of the burning sensation or pain while I am running. I am getting ready to do another half-marathon and everything is back where it used to be.


I have already had people asking me about where I am going for my vein treatments. I am telling them to be sure to see Dr. Manley. Everyone at Evansville Regional Vein Center has been wonderful and I have been very happy with that.

Martha Yando

In the right leg, I had two veins bust. My doctor recommended that I see a vein specialist and said that blood clots in my legs can be dangerous. He recommended Dr. Manley at Evansville Regional Vein Center.


I am happy with the procedures I had. The staff treated me like royalty and I would recommend Evansville Regional Vein Center to any of my friends. 

James Spillman

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